Fama Ululat

Hi I'm Lauren. Bio major. Vet tech. Kitten foster. I reblob nature shit and science stuff and Pokemon and comics and cartoons and animals . Sometimes I draw stuff.

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  • Also the kittens got to see their long lost uncle Jack yesterday and Jack was so excited to have someone to play with he followed them around everywhere and sprinted around making Pokemon noises.

    The kittens are still cute, in case you were wondering.

    Too many pictures of the kittens enjoying the porch. Badger’s getting such a long nose and those freakin bat ears. Hazel’s still got those cute fluffy cheeks and she’s starting to get a lot more orange striping going on. And their eye colors are settling on orange/yellow. 

    Cute, right? Well they’re still up for adoption if you or anyone you know is interested. Reblogs are greatly appreciated! These little guys still need a permanent, loving home!

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