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Hi I'm Lauren.
I reblob nature shit and science stuff and Pokemon and comics and cartoons and animals . Sometimes I draw stuff.

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Great new mural by #nychos on Haight at Ashbury streets. #streetart #murals


i am in love with two people. one is you. the other one is also you, but from an alternate timeline with dragons.

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Saw some pretty colors today


Thought this was appropriate, since I’m watching NGE right now.


Thought this was appropriate, since I’m watching NGE right now.


started watching Avatar!


i just love gengar okay


i just love gengar okay


crackle snapper


meeting people who like anime is either very good or very bad. 

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I want more queer friendship stories.  Not just stories where the only two queer people find each other and fall in unhealthy codependent love in a sea of cishets.  Give me whole communities of queer people.  Give me queer best friends gushing to each other about their silly crushes.  Give me younger queers going to older queers for advice and guidance, without getting creeped on.  Give me queer friends cuddling and watching tv together, or baking cookies together, or a big group of diverse queer people fighting about where to go out to eat because everyone has a different favorite place, but ultimately they decide to go to everyone’s favorite place at least once and just flip a coin or something to decide who’s turn it is to pick.  Give me queer friends from different cultures bonding over sharing their cultural differences.  Give me queer people starting college or moving for a new job and learning how to be a part of a new community full of other queer people.

Romance is nice and all, and queer romance needs more representation.  But friendship is every bit as important, and more important to some people.  I don’t want to hear stories where I have to hope I find that one other queer person to be happy with and then shut out the rest of the world.  I want community.

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Seraphim Lilac Dress - features beautiful lace paneling on the shoulders and upper back, a cute little collar and a fitted bodice! Made of Rayon. :) 

Available mid August at seraphimstore.com.au

I have some of her clothes! There are GREAT things on sale on the site right now. I dig them a lot.

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